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II9P – ARRL SSB Contest 2013
March 7, 2013   NEWS
Bad WX first 24 Hours.   
A lot of statics.
160 meters' antenna   broken by the wind.
Repaired second day.
40 meters' four  square broken by the wind,
repaired under strong  rain during second night.
10 meters' new stack performed  very  well.
I think we have now one of the best signals
from EU  on 10 .Because of this antenna and
sloping terrain  toward USA
(we are at 840 meters above sea with a sloping
mountain  to the coast 30 km from our QTH).

Reports wanted!

Sorry not so many Qs on 160 and 40.

Antennas at II9P are growing up,
and spring is coming  (better WX expected).

Thanks for the QSOs ...

See you next year.

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